Comments from prior visitors.....
Our first visit to Hawaii with our daughters, 18 and
23 years old, to celebrate their respective
graduations was made perfect with the
accomodations at the Hirsch's place.  The 2
bedrooms (king size beds in each) and 2
bathrooms were just what we needed to have our
own space.  There are additional sleep spots, if
needed, in the livingroom.  We loved the short walk
to the beach, down the private pathway. Larry and I
enjoyed our morning walks along Kailua Bay's
Beach. The girls loved the uncrowded beach and
friendly beach residents there.  The location of the
condo(?? or what ever you classify it as) was
central to Kailua Bay, close to the shops, and a
short drive to Waikiki for those days we wanted to
experience the busyness of the "city".  Everything in
the condo is new and clean and very Hawaiian
(love it!).  The Hirsch's place is very quiet and they
thought of all the amenities their guests would
need to have comfortable and stress-free stay.  We
can't wait till we can return to Kailua, and will
definitely plan to stay there again. Enjoy!!!!!!!
The Fieselman's at Palione Place
I would have to say this was one of the best trip to Hawaii for me, for many reasons, and one of
them was your home. Your home has a very open and clean feel to it, and the floor that we were on
offers plenty of breeze that didn't require air conditioning. You folks made it very comfortable, and we
very much enjoyed our stay. The kids hardly wanted to go anywhere, and when we do, they
scramble into the house when we come back. They felt very relaxed and at home in it. They really
had fun using the boogie boards at the beach. My son especially enjoyed the lizard hunting
expeditions in the yard. :)
The Tran's
We adored staying in the cozy one bedroom hide-away! It
is surprisingly spacious and bright with all the windows.
The neighborhood was very quiet and the people we
came across were friendly. The short path to the beach
made romantic moonlit walks and glorious sunrises
treasured memories."  

Hope to see you again sometime!

Stephen & Mary K. Humber
Galen is still talking about your garden and always
wants to "walk to the beach", which we can sort of do
except for the swimming part. Everyone who has
seen our slide show is pretty jealous - lots of oohs
and ahs over the sunrise photos especially (see
attached). We are looking forward to returning soon.
Greg Sarab
Galen and mom having fun in the
surf at the end of Palione Plac